Friday, October 29, 2010

flashback friday

this weeks flashback is from october 2008.  this was reagan and dad's first time to disney world. i hadn't been since 9th grade so it had been a while for me too.

yes, i was very prego (we had been planning this trip since before i was pregnant)....and yes my eyes are closed in the only family pic we got in front of the castle....  :(

we stood in line for a couple of hours to see cinderella (aka cindalella), belle and sleeping was one of the highlights of the day.  reagan was in heaven, which made the 2 hour wait seem worth it....

we also got autographs from "mimmie" (as reagan used to call her) and mickey...

we watched a 3d show which reagan loved and we laughed and laughed at her grabbing and dodging stuff in the cute!

minnie's house was also  favorite.  we visited there several times that day....

and a trip to disney isn't complete with out a set of ears and a sucker while watching the fireworks show!

Friday, October 15, 2010

flashback friday-costume edition wk 3

last year reagan wanted to be snow white for trunk or treat.  since we try to make this a family affair our snow white trunk included snow white, the wicked stepmother, prince charming and dopey.   

bought reagans costume off of ebay and the wig from big lots.  prince charming and the wicked stepmothers costumes were a combination of clothes we had and fabric cut and pieced together to make capes.  i used gold rope trim for my belt and poster board to make the large white collar and crown.  dopey's costume consisted of a turtle neck a couple of sizes to big with a felt belt sewn on.  i made the hat out of fleece and bought the x-large ears to top off the costume. 

we cut a piece of sheet rock (from dads basement) to fit in the trunk and hung the "magic mirror" in the middle and added "curtains" to the side.  we also added a basket of apples. 

we had a lot of fun with our trunk and costumes last year, we were just hoping mason wouldn't end up with a new nick name!

Friday, October 8, 2010

flashback friday-costume edition wk 2

october 2008 i was very prego....with that said, i had to think of a way to incorporate my big belly into our trunk or treat ensemble.  if you google "homemade halloween costumes" you will have a slew of ideas to sort thru.  after some searching, i decided i could be an oven and my belly would be the "bun".....get it, bun in the oven....hahaha....pretty cute, huh?  i made the oven from a large box.  i cut the front to make the door and used an old curtain rod to make the handle.  i cut the picture of the bun from a box of honey buns and taped it to my belly.  notice the "timer" in the upper right hand corner....11 weeks to go! 

since i was an oven i decided to make the theme of the trunk a bakery. jeremy became the baker and reagan became a cupcake.  reagans cupcake costume is made from an old pleated lamp shade (mom & dads attic).   jeremy cut the insides out of the shade (this made it wearable) and then we painted it silver.  i cut pink fleece for the top of the cupcake (the icing) glued "sprinkles" on top and glued it to the inside of the shade.  if reagan had been much bigger she wouldn't have been able to wear the shade because of how narrow the bottom was so if you are going to try the cupcake i would suggest it for a small child. 

         we really enjoyed our costumes this year and our trunk actually won 2nd place!