Thursday, September 30, 2010

flashback friday-costume edition

if any of you are like me out there in blog land you love when others share pics of inspiration.  since halloween is soon approaching, i thought i would share some of our costume ideas from years past.  our church annually hosts what is called "trunk-n-treat." in case you aren't familiar with trunk-n-treat i will give you the lined up with their trunks open, decorated and full of candy.  there is free food, fun for the kids, live music, and of course, candy!  2005 was our first year participating and reagan was 10 mo. old.  as you can see (and will see in the friday's to come) i like to make this a family affair....however i could not convince jeremy to dress up as "andy"....still not sure why he wouldn't go for

raggedy ann

i always try to make as much of our costumes as possible; that year i bought reagan's and made mine. sorry i dont have a full body shot...the hat, apron and pantaloons were all cut from a sheet. i added red ric rac to the bottom of the apron and glued yarn to the inside of the hat for the hair.  pretty inexpensive and put it all together in a day...not to bad for our first year!  be sure to check back over the next few fridays for more fun ideas!

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  1. So sweet! I would LOVE to make Trunk or Treat a family affair if I had a more cooperative husband. LOL Seriously though I'm ok with it. We'd probably be really embarrassing to Bradyn when he's older. Just because we're cheesey like that. Ha! Lil' Reagan was just as cute as B-I-G Reagan. ;) She's so stinkin' purty!