Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"some day" is here

when reagan was born, in the back of my head i always knew we would have some day.  what i didn't know is how quickly some day would come.  then i was thinking, some day i will sleep more than an hour at a time, not that in 5 short years she would be going to school.  there are many more of these days to come; some day we will talk about boys, some day she will learn to drive, some day she will graduate school & college, some day her prince will come, some day she will have babies of her own. 

monday is one of our some days. my baby girl starts kindergarten and she is so excited, which i am grateful for.  i'm sure i will be the one crying when we drop her off monday morning!  it is so bitter-sweet to watch my babies grow up.  on one hand i look forward to each phase of raising my children, but on the other it all seems to happen too quickly.  i can remember as a child people telling me "i'm going to put a brick on your head," now i fully understand what they were saying....if only that would work! 


  1. This was so sweet! Thanks for the reminder that life happens quickly. :)

  2. So..I just shed a few tears. (In your honor..) I'm sure you've shed your share. I'm sure Monday as you drive out of the school parking lot you'll most likely FLOOD Blount County. I would. Life happens way too quickly sometimes. You blink and five years has passed. The good part is that you'll always be your kids' matter what. Reagan will always "need" you in some form or fashion. And we all know Mason will. Can you say mama's boy??? lol Don't worry I have one too... To think that I used to poke fun at hubs for being a mama's I have one. God does have a sense of humor! =) Love you and I'm thinking of ya. One day I'll be there..and if we're lucky we'll cry together. Maybe Mason and Bradyn will be in the same class. (I'd have to hold lil' man back though...) We'll keep our fingers crossed.

  3. Awww I know the feeling...You will blink your eye and she will be going across the stage next year!