Monday, August 16, 2010

reagan learned "the milky wave"

it's official...i have a school age child!  today was reagan's first day of kindergarten.  last night at bedtime she was telling me she didn't want to go, so i was a little worried this morning.  i knew if she cried i wouldn't be able to hold back the tears either.  well, she was all smiles this morning!  she didn't even complain once about getting her hair crimped! 

she couldn't wait to show off her new lunch box and backpack

j chuckled when i took this pic, but in a year or so we will have a new school and i want reagan to be able to look back at her first school when she gets older....

she was ready to work!!

you can see reagan on the far right in this pic....a few of the high school girls came in to welcome her, which she LOVED!!

sis. kirby was all smiles this morning too!!!

after we picked her up, we went and got some ice cream and we talked about her day....

me=did you have a good day?
reagan=yes, i want to go back, now!

me=did you sit next to jordan?
me=did you talk to him
reagan=no i ignored him

me=so what did you do today?
reagan=we learned how to do the milky way
reagan=we learned the milky wave 
(she's saying this like i should know what "the milky wave" is, i'm thinking candy bar??)
me=so how do you do "the milky wave"?
reagan=we get under our desks and cover our heads with our hands and the ground shakes
me=oh, you learned what to do in case we have an earthquake....(milky wave!!)
reagan= yeah, an earthquake....

i think i'm in for a year of laughs....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"some day" is here

when reagan was born, in the back of my head i always knew we would have some day.  what i didn't know is how quickly some day would come.  then i was thinking, some day i will sleep more than an hour at a time, not that in 5 short years she would be going to school.  there are many more of these days to come; some day we will talk about boys, some day she will learn to drive, some day she will graduate school & college, some day her prince will come, some day she will have babies of her own. 

monday is one of our some days. my baby girl starts kindergarten and she is so excited, which i am grateful for.  i'm sure i will be the one crying when we drop her off monday morning!  it is so bitter-sweet to watch my babies grow up.  on one hand i look forward to each phase of raising my children, but on the other it all seems to happen too quickly.  i can remember as a child people telling me "i'm going to put a brick on your head," now i fully understand what they were saying....if only that would work! 

Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm still here....

so i'm sure all of you faithful followers were beginning to wonder if i was still alive....well, i am, barely.  it has been a BUSY couple of weeks.  here are some pics of the random things we have been doing lately....

mason loves to drink from the hose to the slip n slide....i guess when it is 105 degrees outside you will get a drink where ever you can..

this happens in some fashion at our house daily....i'm so glad my kiddos love each other (just hope they still feel that way in about 10 years)

i could write an entire post on these 2 pics here.....j has graduated with his associates degree from the university of phoenix and he has already started the bachelors program...i can't tell you how proud of him i takes a lot of discipline, effort and hard work to go to college while working full time and raising a family....SO if you are 20 and reading this and debating if you are going to college....DO IT NOW, don't wait until you are's much harder once you have a family and responsibilities....ok, i am off my soap box and moving on....

this is peyton, my nephew, at his 3rd b-day...this kid LUVS transformers...

so he had a transformer cake.  as we were about to sing happy birthday, he decided to remove the transformers from the cake and whoops....lost his balance....

he seriously fell right into the was so cute! once everyone assured him it was ok, he laughed too...

i'm glad his momma had an extra tray of cupcakes!

presents....oh the bliss of being 3!!

he found a stick that was shaped just like a gun....

then he decided to do some diggin' in the dirt...boys will be boys!

speaking of boys....this little man decided he was going to help himself to some chocolate chips...

he was shoving them in his mouth by the hand fulls and as he would drop them on the way to his mouth he was saying "uh oh, uh oh", but pouring them on the floor was not an "uh oh"

and yes i let him enjoy a few even off of the floor....(he is still alive).....he worked so hard and fast to get them open before i could catch him....

needless to say, he didn't take a nap for a while!

then last weekend, we were honored for reagan to be in a wedding of some of our friends....this was all the kid talked about for weeks...seriously, she was SO excited!

this was the beautiful bride and one of the most gorgeous weddings i have ever been to!

we have also been getting ready for school to start in a week *tear* and i have been working on a project i hope to share next week....

              now i have to go to bed cause tomorrow we are going to another wedding....must be something in the air, after tomorrow still 2 more to go between now and sept.!