Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Time "to-do's"

A couple of weeks ago we made a list of our "summer time to-do's" which included;

*Go to the park
*Spending the night with a friend or having a friend spend the night
*Picking berries
*Go to Dollywood
*Go on a hike
*Go to the "fountains"
*Go swimming @ aunt Chelle's
*Have a bon-fire & roast marshmallows

Last week we accomplished two of the items on our to-do list.  We went swimming at my sister's with the cousins.  Regan had a momentary memory lapse of everything she ever knew about swimming, but she finally realized she could stand in the shallow end.  Mason liked the water but didn't like being confined to his swim ring.

We also went to a nearby little water fountain that is made for kids to play in.  This was our first time here so we weren't really sure what to expect.  I do believe our expectations were exceeded!  The fountains were huge!!  It was soooo hot that day Kerri and I were wishing we had on some clothes to get wet in too, (trust me, we got wet anyway)!

We had a FUN day!!


  1. How fun. I love those pictures. By the way thank you for the link to that message. I plan to take some time to listen to it this weekend. Thanks a lot.

  2. We did have fun, PLEASEEEEE take that horrible pic of me off!

  3. I like that pic, that is you having FUN!! Besides I owe you 1 or 2!

  4. Looks like a blast! We should hit the local fountains soon!!! =) Bradyn would probably like that much better. Berry picking is on our summer "to-do" list too. =) Yummo!!!!