Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day & Turning 30

Since today is Mothers Day  I first of all would like to say I love and appreciate my mother.  She has been a great influence in my life!   Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there, the world would not be the same with out you!

Today is not only Mother's Day, it is also my birthday.  Not just any birthday, but the big 3-0! Today has been an interesting day.  Mason has been running a high fever for 4 days so I am running on little sleep.  This morning I woke up feeling a little bummbed about turning"30".  I proceed to the kitchen where Reagan is so excited to give me her present.  I have no idea what it could be but J warned me in advance to "look surprised" they had searched all over town for it.  To my surprise she had gotten me a  I couldn't help but laugh and look surprised!   By the end of the day I can't help but feel how blessed I am.  J insisted he stay home from church  with Mason since it was Mother's Day and my b-day and Reagan made my day on the way home from church tonight.  A friend was teasing me and told Reagan to help me to the car tonight after church.  On the way home Reagan asks, "Mom, why was Grandy telling me to help you to the car?"  I explained and she says, "mom, you are the best mom ever and beautiful and my favorite person ever."  My word, she made me cry!  That topped of all of the presents I received today! 

In honor of the big 3-0 I thought I would share 30 things about myself. 

1.  I am the youngest of 3-sister & brother are 12 & 10 1/2  years older
2.  I have never traveled by plane, ship or train
3.  I have never been west of Nashville or north of Chicago
4.  I have never been out of the country
5.  I have lived in the city where I live now my entire life
6.  wow, #2-5 make me think I need to get out more!
7.  I have never been stung by a bee or wasp
8.  I have never broken a bone
9.  I HATE, HATE, HATE jumping spiders (aka cave crickets/camel crickets)
10.  I don't like coffee (please still be my friend)
11.  I don't know how to dive (that's DIVE not dRive~see #21)
12.  I am not a good speller
13.  I made one D in school-not in spelling surprisingly
14.  I met my husband on a double date
15.  I took gymnastics for a couple of years as a child
16.  No, I cannot still do the splits or a back bend
17.  I changed my name in 4th grade
18.  I love being a stay-at-home mom
19.  The first thing I notice about people I meet is their teeth
20.  I still have my wisdom teeth
21.  I have never had a speeding ticket
22.  I have never colored my hair
23.  I got married when I was 18~will celebrate 12th anniversary this July
24.  I love little baby feet :)
25.  There is a reason for #20-I am too chicken to have them cut out
26.  I am scared of heights, but like roller coasters as long as I keep my eyes closed
27.  I had a horse as a little girl, her name was Lady Beth
28.  I do not like cold weather
29.  ok, #28 isn't totally true, I shortened from Sarah Beth to just Sarah, I thought it sounded more grown up, ha!
30.  I look back over the past 30 years and can't help but feel that I have been greatly blessed!!


  1. What beautiful pictures. I hope you had a great birthday and Mother's Day!

  2. I know your birthday, stunk but at least they can only be better from here! I hope! Happy birthday!

  3. First of all, so sorry I did not wish you Happy Birthday yesterday when talking to you! 2nd - I am also the youngest with 2 oldest sister, one brother. They are all 10 years or more older than me! In my opinion it is a great "birth" order to be in! AND you are going to be surprised how much you are going to enjoy your 30's!

  4. 30 really isn't that bad. The hardest part for me when I turned 30 was that I thought I should quote-unquote "have it all together" at that age, but now I've finally realized that I'll NEVER have it all together. lol I'll have it all together when I get to Heaven. ;) Hope you had a great day! Enjoyed the 30 random things about you!