Friday, April 16, 2010

Worth sharing

Sometimes you hear things that are worth repeating.  Well, today I read something that I felt was worth sharing. As I have been frantically rushing around working on our yard sale we are having this weekend, trying to clean and prepare for friends to come over for dinner Sunday night after church, and prepare some things for a moms group on Monday night, I happened upon this post, "What is the purpose of the home?" It made me step back and think for a moment.  I can spend all of my time trying to achieve this;

 And yet still feel like this!!

If you have never been to Passionate Homemaking go check it out and see what you have been missing!  She has great tips for natural living, yummy recipes and just an all around great blog!


  1. Honestly, this is one my favorite posts of yours yet. Our homes don't have to be perfectly decorated and situated (sp) they just need to be warm and full of love, and open to friends and family. I know I stress way too much for perfection in my home. Having a little one around relaxes me more and more at times. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! =0) Let me know if you need anything for Sunday night.

  2. Well I can definitely say I feel like the last picture in your post no matter how much I accomplish in my home! I read that post by the Passionate homemaker yesterday, and your right it makes you think! You should post this on the Barnes Yard she has a find a friend linky party

  3. Love Passionate Homemaking

  4. Thanks for linking up with us today! I am looking forward to reading Passionate Homemaking. I mostly feel like my house is the second picture. :)

  5. I am stopping by from Ain't She Crazy.
    I definitely have to say my house usually looks like the 2nd one rather then the first. LOL

    I am definitely going to check her out.