Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Friend!!!

Happy Birthday to my RLF (real life friend) Kerri!!!!  We have known each other and been friends for about 14 years (almost half of my life).  We got married 3 weeks apart and had all of our babies just months apart.  We have lived next door to each other (I know we both wish we still lived in those houses), gone on trips together and worked in our church together. I can honestly say I have no bad memories of my friend Kerri.  
I know ya'll wish she was your RLF too!  Go here and wish her a Happy Birthday!!!

                                               (if you want the scoop on this pic click here)

Just wanted to let you know I luv you Kerri and thanks for being my FRIEND!!! 


  1. Sweet post! I love this picture of you guys! =) You both look SO young!

  2. Thanks Sarah for the Birthday shout out. Love you too! I'll remember that in a month or so! I've got to get rid of that pic. Its just embarrasing!!!LOL!