Friday, April 23, 2010

Edisto Island here we come!

In about 6 hours we will be squeeeeeeezing the kids in the car (we have everything but the sink in there) and headed here.....

Edisto Island, SC.  We have never been here but we have been to Isle of Palms and Charleston.  From what I have read Edisto is a very uncommercialized beach, which hopefully means less tourists.  If anyone has been here and has any suggestions of things to do or see please advise. 

A whole week of doin' nothin'!!!! Can't wait!!


  1. Way to rub it in! *JK* I hope you guys have an absolute blast! If your yard needs mowing while you're away...Brady has a mower now..Here's me volunteering him! =) Enjoy!

  2. I can't wait for my beach trip this August! We go to Topsail Island with my brothers and sisters in laws most summers.
    Topsail is great for its lack of tourists. There are no hotels only rental houses and since it is backed by the sound there just aren't many people around. Its fabulous.

  3. I have been there, but it was quite a while ago. what I remember is a wonderful, and yes, noncommercial time of doing nothing. It was nice. Hope it hasn't changed.

    I also remember a lot of seaweed... must have been a tropical storm or something that threw it in. LOL

  4. Hope you're having fun! Heard that you had HOMEMADE key lim pie. I have one word for you...*JEALOUS* LOL Miss you guys!!! I'm glad you're able to get away for a week and do nothing. I can't wait to see your pictures, becuase I KNOW you've got some really good ones. =)