Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap

I realize it is now a few days after Easter but it took a couple of days to re-coop from the weekend.  We colored eggs, hunted eggs, had a melt down, went to church, hunted eggs again, had another melt down (or 2), and went to church again.  Busy weekend for little people but they had fun!


  1. Cute pics of the kiddos! I had my own meltdown that day, ya know over my hair. I took a dumb pill that morning!

  2. Sweet pictures! Love the family photo! =) You all are a very sweet and handsome family! Whew! We had ONE MORE busy weekend for sure!!! It was wonderful though. =)

  3. First, What a great looking family. Second, I here you on the meltdowns. We traveled back to the south and Church was super busy we had 4 baptisms and egg hunts and I am still pooped.