Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reaganisms and First Steps

First Steps
Mason will be 14 mo. old on the 8th. He finally decided to take a few first steps 2/20 and he still just stands, claps his hands and takes 2 or 3 steps, then drops down to crawl.  I had to lure him with his paci but I finally managed to get a couple of pictures of him walking. 


Reagan is quite observant for a 5 year old.  She has been saying some pretty funny things lately.  Here are a few that made me laugh.

Reagan was looking at her Bile Sunday morning and spells, "H-O-L-Y   B-I-B-L-E", then asks, "mom, what does that spell?"   Me:  Holy Bible.   Reagan:  Mom, are there un-holy Bibles?

She saw a commercial for ProActive, the anti-acne products, and said, "mom, hurry I need some of this to get rid of my freckles!"  Seriously, she has like 3.

Reagan was wanting J to buy some batteries for one of her toys and he told her he would and forgot.  So, she asked me to get some.  I asked her if she knew what kind she needed and she said, "yeah, straight one's."

I nearly lost it on this one: "Mom, why when you turn into a grandpa or grandma do your teeth turn yellow?" thank goodness grandpa and grandma were not around!

Kids, they sure can put a smile on your face!


  1. Wow if Reagan and Landry get married...Think of the entertainment! Way to go Mason!

  2. I saw your kitchen re-do on another blog and just had to click over! I am THRILLED because my kitchen is the same color as yours, with light countertops and white appliances, too. I had always been afraid of painting the oak white (although I love white cabinets) because I didn't want it to look too washed out. Now I know that's definitely not the case - so thank you!

    Enjoyed looking around - you have a new follower! :) Oh, and do you know where you got that shirt for your son? I would love to get one in my son's size - so cute!

  3. I'm glad you like it! It really feels fresh, clean and larger since I painted the cabinets.

    I got the "ladies man" shirt from a friend and I'm not sure where she bought it. The brand is "Now and Zen"

    BTW you have a new follower too, love your "clean foods" post!

  4. Isn't it so exciting when they start walking! Madison didn't walk till 27 months. Love his shirt BTW. Reagan looks so adorable in that last pic!

  5. Your children are precious inside and out. I am a HUGE fan of red hair. Always wanted a little redhead!

  6. Holy Cow! That lil' redheaded angel of yours cracks me up!!! I could just see her asking MoMo about the yellow teeth. Ha! I'd love to hear your mom's response!!! Go Mason!! Yay for walking!! Now our boys can FINALLY get in to some REAL trouble together. OH BOY!!!! Love the pics!! You're ONE BLESSED MAMA!!