Monday, February 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

J had a conference this past weekend in Nashville so I thought it would be fun to take the kids and do some thrifting while he was there.  My friend Jennifer was also in the area visiting her parents so we had our Goodwill trips all planned out, but instead we got....SNOW and lots of it, about 8 inches! Friday morning it started snowing around 8:00 and we had no food in our hotel room.  My "mother bird" instincts kicked in and I loaded up my niece and kids and we headed to the store.  We got about 3 blocks down the road, which was already getting covered with snow, and there was a wreck.  I slowed down to go around and a man ran right into the back side of my car!! He said to me, "if you would have sped up a little I could have gone between you".  Between me and the wreck!?!?, and they say women are bad drivers!!!  Thankfully everyone was o.k. just a big dent and broken tail light, anyway, back to the hotel.  After J got out of his class we found a Wal-Mart and got some food.  It took us about 30 min. to drive 5 miles, the roads were bad, people sliding everywhere. We did everything you can possibly do in a hotel with 3 kids.  We were getting a little stir crazy if you know what I mean.

 We went outside for awhile but it was very COLD!! 

I40 looked really bad Saturday evening so we were not sure if we would even be able to come home on Sunday, but thankfully they scraped the roads Saturday night and Sundy afternoon we were homeward bound!  It was a loooong few days but we made it.  Home sweet home!


  1. There is absolutely NO place like home! If I wasn't a believer better BELIEVE I AM NOW!! Haha! So glad you guys made it home safely. You know me..I was worried about us ALL. Every single goodwill in the Nashville area will be calling our names come spring. LOL =) Love the pics!!! (Mason is starting to look a lot like his daddy! Too cute! LOVE the puppy dog jammies!)

  2. Welcome home. Cute pics...I chuckled when looking at them cuz I can just imagine being snowed in a hotel room with 3 kids!

  3. Welcome back, thought you weren't going to make it there for a while. I'm over the snow too!