Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bedtime Bribery

Reagan has been sleeping in her bed for some time now the only catch is J has to lay down with her 'til she goes to sleep. When she turned 5 we told her that she was a big girl and needed to start laying down by herself.  After her story was read and prayers were said, there was a wee bit of resistance that first night.....she cried wailed for over an hour! At one point Mason woke up and started crying too.  I just laid in bed and laughed. J asked why I was laughing and I said it's either laugh or cry with them! I kept waiting for the neighbors to call the police to see what was going on, thankfully they didn't.  The second night we laid down the law.  Ok, so we bribed her. We told her she could leave her lamp on and if she went to sleep by herself, without crying she could get a cool night light and at the end of 7 days she could get a prize; she was asleep in about 30 minutes.  Bribery works like a charm!  Today we went to Target and she picked her prize; a bling-bling cell phone.  We are very proud, way to go Reagan!! 


  1. What a BIG girl! Very proud of Reagan and Mommie and Daddy!
    smiles, alice

  2. Way to go Reagan!!! =) The very thought of you laughing while your kids both wail is just awesome. I love those mommy moments. It's hard to resist running to their rescue, but you'll thank yourself for it OVER and OVER again. Good job!!! =)

  3. Way to go Reagan... it takes time but kids always stay in bed when they start to enjoy being in there! I remember giving my kids a coupon book... they had 5 in the book.. each was for one thing, like going to the bathroom, a cup of water, a hug, a kiss, turn on the light for 5 minutes... when the coupons were used up they went to sleep... worked like a charm!

  4. Madison just recently started sleeping in her own bed. We still get her to sleep every night though. She falls asleep to me or daddy reading to her. Glad it worked out for ya'll!