Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inexpensive Centerpiece

We have a table in our kitchen that seats four. I wanted a centerpiece that was not too large or extravagant and that would be semi-childproof. I found this plate at TJMaxx for $2. Not sure what I would do with it at the time, but you can't pass up $2. I already had the candle sticks which came from Goodwill, think I paid $3 for both. Added a few neutral candles and some acorns and greenery from my yard (free, love that!) and I was done!

Now ya see that table runner under the centerpiece, made that too. I wanted to add a little pop of red to the blues and green so, I cut the red S's off of an old runner and hot glued them right on (gotta love hot glue).


  1. Luv it....can I come over and get some free stuff from your yard I have no trees! turned out really Good, S00000 Nesterish!

  2. Nice job! I also have a hard time passing up bargains like that, even if I don't have a place for them at the time!

    What a cute idea to add the little "S" to your runner.

  3. i love that! sweet and simple- my favorite combo!